In recent decades, Dubai has become a popular destination for multinational companies to invest in and set up offices and businesses that work on a global scale. Dubai is an emirate whose success at becoming a popular tourism and business destination relies upon the profits gained by selling oil, similar to other countries in the Middle East.

If you are a native citizen of Dubai, you will most likely have to interact with someone who only speaks English and doesn’t understand Arabic. Similarly, the importance of English as a global language cannot be stressed enough when it comes to career opportunities and world class education in the emirate.

Here at English Tutors, our main goal is to provide quality English home tutors for all types of classes and requirements, including written English coaching, spoken English classes and exam coaching, like IELTS and more.

Why hire an English home tutor?

When the student is learning from the comfort of his own home, his mind is relaxed and that’s when learning is the easiest. Having a personal tutor ensures a student to get the full attention of a committed teacher and an environment where he/she can learn at his/her own pace.

It also helps form a strong and two-way communication between the teacher and the student. Besides, the student feels more comfortable in asking questions unlike in a classroom which guarantees better understanding for the student. Also, most parents are not comfortable if their children have to travel long distances for coaching classes.

English is all about communication, and we believe communication coaching is best done in person.

How to hire an English home tutor in Dubai?

We have a large roster of highly qualified teachers and English tutors, both native and non-native. You can specify what type of tutor you want, such as which gender you would prefer the tutor to be, or whether he/she should be a native of Dubai or should be an American or European etc.

If you have a job or are part of a business that requires you to interact with foreigners and expatriates living in Dubai, then it is essential that you have a good grasp of the English language.

In order to do successful business with them and not waste time with interpreters and dealing with the misunderstandings that come when translations are made between English and Arabic.

For all this, you need to hire an English home tutor and finding one is very easy with All you have to do is fill in our booking form and you will be contacted with our support team. They will not only take all your requirements but also provide more details and options.

Once everything is set and defined, you can start your English classes ASAP.

Why you should choose

We have English home tutors from all parts of the world, including Americans, Europeans and Asians. Our panel is comprised of certified and properly qualified tutors, and we take good care of vetting all candidates before we bring them onboard.

We provide you highly qualified tutors who have years of professional experience in teaching English language. Tutors with a master’s or higher degree along with professional certifications and work permit are definitely preferred over those having less qualification. The tutors are chosen according to the merits of their profiles they provide us with.

This means that you get only the best tutoring experience in Dubai and get to learn English from professionals who will not only teach you the language but also give you proper business context and help you with professional-language usage.

With us, booking is also hassle free. You simply fill in the form and your tutoring can start as soon as two weeks from then. is changing the old ways of classroom teaching and making it personal again. We are providing a system to gauge students’ requirements and map them with the best suited tutor, making it effective, scalable and reliable, that too in real time.

Our services are flexible

As mentioned before, we offer access to a wide variety of English tutors. Some of them are currently teachers and can visit you (or vice versa) during evening hours for personalized English tuition. Our tutors try their best to accommodate your schedules and you will be able to speak and write decent English with coaching for a couple months only.

So stop waiting and get in touch with us and we will assign you a tutor that will be perfect for your needs and requirements. You can set up the schedule for the tuitions as well as other details, and at our affordable rates, you will become an expert in English in no time at all.

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