English has long been a global language that crosses borders and is used as a medium of communication between people from different countries and ethnicities.

Dubai is no different, and being a global emirate, it is a central location for businesses and companies around the world. The people of Dubai, whether they are locals or expats, understand the importance of English and there is high demand for good English home tutors.

If you are a qualified and certified English tutor or teacher, we can get you English language students from around UAE. However, you have to complete our vetting process and tests before you can join our panel.

How to find English tutor jobs in Dubai?

At EnglishTutors.ae we are always searching for qualified tutors and English teachers. English is emerging as Lingua Franca in Dubai so is the need for English language teachers. People across the globe are choosing to study English as a second language as it is the most spoken official language in the world.

More and more people prefer to educate their children in English to help them compete in the modern world. If you have the skills to teach English, this is the best time for you to try your luck. Because there are many students out there looking for a tutor just like you.

The best thing about home tuition is that you can be your own boss. You can teach at your own capacity without any limitations as you are not bound with any institute which is an easier way of earning and keeps you stress free.

Moreover, it’s a one-on-one setup which allows teacher and student to communicate in a more conducive environment. Improved engagement amid student and teacher guarantees better understanding for the student rather than in a classroom where student-teacher engagement is hard to measure.

EnglushTutors.ae will help you find the right kind of students that match your skill set. We bring students and tutors on one platform. Now finding a tutoring job in Dubai won’t be hard. This is the fastest growing portal in Dubai with a large number of students increasing every day who are looking for new English teachers.

What are the Requirements for an English Tutor?

We require qualified tutors who have professional experience in teaching English language. The tutors are chosen according to the merits of their profiles they provide us with. Your profile is where you can be creative. This is what the students will see and choose you as their tutor.

When it comes to teaching, the more experience you have the more valuable you are. Tutors with higher educational certificates and experience would be preferred. If you have any extra certifications for teaching English language or if you are a native speaker, it would definitely raise your worth.

In addition to that, you should have a work permit and a bank account to be eligible for becoming a tutor with us.

Qualifications for English teaching jobs in Dubai

In terms of qualifications, tutors with Master’s in English language are preferred but Bachelor degree holders are also accepted, especially if they have accompanying certifications or diplomas to support their English language skills.

How much can an English Tutor Earn in Dubai?

You are going to earn a handsome amount as learning English has become a necessity to compete in every field of life. It’s time that you let your education earn for you.

Your earning will depend on your qualification and experience. Moreover, we will help you find the highest paying students according to your requirements and your level of teaching.

Rest assured, it will be a win-win situation for both parties.

If you’re interested in working with us, contact us via WhatsApp on +971 56 778 0623